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A terrible disease spreads through Europe. Millions of people die within a few days - the healthy try to flee. But to contain the deadly virus, countries around Europe close their borders. The Inna Zone is created. A strictly guarded military exclusion zone encircles the continent and traps the few survivors.

A competition for the resources of this obliterated area begins, culminating in the Third World War. In the turmoil of this catastrophe, Marvin Lang, a simple boy from Austria, tries to survive somehow - and is suddenly hunted by British intelligence and the Russian military, until he is left with only one way out.

A novel that is so much more than a thriller. An anti-hero, who's so much more than a victim. And a story that is so much more than that.

The 2017 novel debut from science journalist Markus Feigl. THE INNA ZONE is a dystopian science thriller. It weaves together the stories of a terrified student, high-ranking military officers and ordinary soldiers, who must endure a global catastrophe. Suspenseful, intelligent, brutal and gritty.

The Inna Zone (English Edition)

Artikelnummer: 36523641234525
€ 11,90Preis
  • Sie erwerben ein Taschenbuch mit 316 Seiten im Format 6x9 Zoll (amerikanisches Taschenbuchformat) mit mattem Cover. Bei Kauf über diese Webseite erhalten Sie ein vom Autoren handsigniertes Exemplar.

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